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Today’s devotion was one that I needed (tho I find I need almost all of them in some way or another). It was about grief, but not grief in the traditional way you think of it – as grieving over something once had and lost. It was grieving of another kind – grieving for what might have been.

In the devotional, one woman explored her grief for a life that might have been had she not miscarried a child – her life and the child’s. And it made me think to the children I’ve never had, but also to other lives, some lived through word or in memory – but lives I grieve the same.

Take time, wherever you are to think on those things – even if just for today. There’s another life that misses you, other arms that reach out within the silence. Do not dwell in that place for life continues regardless. But it would be a shame to not allow them their space, to allow the tears that you’ve dared to cry alone.

when I’ve forgotten
how it was –
or what of hope allowed
when years have gone
with all I dreamed about
let not my heart
be fractured
along the same sweet lines
where once I loved
my love shall be
in breath –
no longer mine

. . .