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as once I knew
this time would be
as years too short
would circle round
from days
tho long
no longer count
I wonder still
what I shall miss
when words o mine
for none exist

for one more april
shower sweet
another warm july
will tears befall
when leaving comes
for one more this
the rest undone
as lips grown silent
wait again
the taste of wine –
of summer sun

warming verse
upon my brow
where love began
what future place
awaits me now
each dream –
a time
by time displaced
for one more
one more everything
another life
by moments held
somewhere filled
by years the same
as these

I feel are passing
a fleeting bliss
how much of all
I love will miss
the warmest tide
against my feet
a blanket spread
of stars

a hand
so certain
thread with mine
another dream
some other

. . .