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the soul of soul
I’ve been thinking about this for a day or two….perhaps allowing a bit more time for thoughts to make words.

Several ladies in my office were talking earlier this week about Valentine’s Day, that it is also known as Single Appreciation Day. One wasn’t familiar with the term, and the other was explaining it as a period of celebration for those without Valentines.

A few thoughts came to mind. First, I couldn’t believe they would tell me without expecting some kind of response.

Who needs a valentine to love?  ❤

But beyond that – more. Do we really need a day? Really?  Shouldn’t we be reminded of love, and to be loving every day? So many of our holidays are with the same purpose, to remind us of things we should know, that we should celebrate every day. Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Veterans Day… How short is our memory that we would need to be reminded, or that we would need an excuse to show love?

And more….. What proof do we need to know we’re loved? Do we need a box of chocolates to know we matter to someone? I tend to make things way to simple, but there is no one that I love that would ever pass a single night without knowing I love them. Not believing I do – knowing I do. The same with me – I know I am loved. I don’t need proof. Love does that. If we allow it, it changes everything. And I’m not talking about the ‘burn-your-house down’ passion. I’m talking about the embers that remain to warm us throughout our years – on long nights – on cold nights. Embers don’t need words to be.

I’ve seen a post or two lately on this (thank you for the reminder, Jane). Love (true love) simply is. It doesn’t need a place or a time (or a name) to be. Do we need the manifestation to convince us? Ahhh, WE are the manifestation. We are the love. Let us sit softly against the glowing embers and remember (always) that we are loved.

have passed
tho none the same
as once
you spoke my name
embers glow
against me
in the dark
e’er I need to know
of all I understand
silence bends
in mercy
to the flame

. . .