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cooler now the eastern wind
has come to blow me homeward –
with pieces of remember
I was born

returning as the falling snow
sticking to the branches –
winter white surrendered me
from where I laid to rest

another time –
a sweeter soul
no different for the dying
let me sleep
and seal these words within

the place I was committed
as a softer glow of setting –
dream me there of circumstance
and bring my winds
to sing


along these shores
forever waits
a sailor not forgotten –
strands beneath a winter sail
to make his passing true
stories of deliverance
tales of wealth and sorrow
dreams to sink beneath the waves
the rest to float away

but on another bank there stands
a maiden with a promise
words worn through by happenstance –
I swore I’d never cry
life is passing slowly
the waves of time are falling –
and he still sails
come home remember this –
remember me
the keeping of your compass
grains of sand to pour upon the sea
come again leave her arms –
returning to the river
the ocean cries –
but please return to me

cast aside your tired oars
and step out on forever
I’ll watch the tide –
and walk the shores for you


time has left a letter here –
poscript of surrender
and silver weaves as wonder
through my braid
lights are dimmed as all the others –
laugh at my insistence
the day will come
the sun will rise in me

the mirror sighs an awkward course –
for where the foolish tary
the strength to bare (so unaware)
of where you are tonight
the night grows cool to memories –
the coming back (so worth it)
a moment then
I’d die again for this