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in the place
where I was started
before the first amen
was grace
while eyes were closed
against the sun
was moon to trace
his lazy limbs
of winter to the waters
saw himself and wading in
he sailed –

across the tides
a million miles
to those who never knew him
a place consumed by shadows
fell to dark –
became the night – a virgin veil
an imprint too eternal
fulfilling every promise –
a way beyond the way
placed of stones
to mark the passing hours
as moments (still)
when all the rest
are gone

bears the truth
we’ve come to tell

on silver slippers
come as trailing vine –
mark the way with purpose
leaving ignorance
behind – to see anew
with softer eyes
the place
where yesterday
the moon was playing
hide and seek
against a failing light

– whispered then
I’ve found you
to himself