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Last night
I cried
in my shower
For what seemed
like hours
And gallons
of tears
For the love
that was lost
As I counted
the cost
In souls …
Of the ways
and the means
In which we
we release
Our regrets
we’ve found
our solace…

Author’s Note: Inspired by the announcement regarding the
death of Bin Laden. Don’t get me wrong. I realize hard
choices must be made to stop this reign of terror.
Yet, I am hard pressed to be comfortable in situations where
we celebrate the killing of another. It must be the poet in me;
there is something about it that saddens me……..
And that is not a political statement, but a human one.
I pray I’m not the only one to feel a momentary sense of unease
when a life is taken (regardless of circumstance).
“Every mans death diminishes me, therefore never send
to know for whom the bell tolls … it tolls for thee…”