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was mine before
I questioned (then)
the where and why to be
stood atop
the proof of life
and dared myself believe
to see as one
the whole of us
in places we remain
no different than a sparrow
(a drink of summer rain)
when fell to earth
decided then
the distance to the sea
forgave of sands
a blinding sun
another light to be
the same we painted
(closed our eyes)
and kept to fairytales
wrapped the world in wonder
and gave it to ourselves
surprised to see
the way it was
(was just as we designed)
was birth no more than coming home
remembered every sign
we left as word
along the way
provisioned this – our truth
crossing rainbows
(somewhere else)
and watched the skies for proof
of where we were
and why we came
to this – our fate to know
were given thought (we couldn’t see)
and flesh
we couldn’t hold
connected once
the other one
apart (the same)
and still
within this breath
becoming more
than destiny revealed