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for dreams
i’ve forgotten
years i thought would slow
to wonder how love is
and why we came
suffice to fill a lifetime
with moments more
than this –
a million words
made sacred
by your flame

lest i spend
the ways that mattered
hands that fit
just so –
leagues beyond
the reach of golden strands
pasture i’ve neglected
lay me down
guardian of stars
this tender land

you will know
as i have known you
as i can feel
what was come
and what i gave
to have you here
when there is nothing
to surrender –
no memory of light
pages turned
til every rhyme
is clear

save the ways we were
one night
– when every cloud was dust
remember this forever
remember us –
a part of every truth
we dared declare
when nights are
painted golden –
dreams live

. . .