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where was i
remembered –
as dew along the path
mosses where only briar grew
a slave to my intention
guarding passion
like a salve
was only me –
before the time of you

remembered us
the best of us
as solace shared
let me be
hold me near
to places you are broken
the scar i gave
i didn’t mean
was anguish letting go
where rocks have grown
to fill the path
we know

another day
remembered me
for every promise made
glimmers of forever
signs before you came
let me be
honor me
with places you adore
a dream you shared
one summer night –
stilled my heart
for more

your touch
a trace of madness
stories sure to tell
empty skies
purple ribbon mornings
stars we plucked from rivers
as they fell
beyond our sight
was there i found you
carving shadows
into light

. . .