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Last Wednesday……not that long ago.

Last Wednesday, I received a call from my ex-sister-in-law. In a matter of just a few days, her husband had fallen, been admitted to ICU, been diagnosed with a failing liver, been given the prognosis that he would not recover, and been surrendered to the loving hands of hospice.

Friday was a long day but yesterday longer, and this morning, at the ripe age of sixty, he passed away.

I’ve had colds last longer than the time it took for a page to turn, and a new chapter to begin for his wife and his daughter who is expecting her first child – his first grandchild.

I reminded my friend numerous times over the last few of just how precious this time is, even at its absolute worst – it is a treasure that some never have and would give up everything in order to know.

It’s a last chance to say everything that matters, to hear everything that matters. To grieve, to heal, to gather…..

Her faith is strong.

I am reminded (again) that (as a rule) we do not have the luxury of keeping our own clock, and like it or not, eventually our days will be done. We know not when, nor would we wish to.

As hard as this time already, I believe it is the moving on that wears the harshest. I imagined her returning home today and opening the fridge on a leftover salad from last week, the remnants of an ice tea not finished, socks in the dryer, shoes beside the door, carkeys on a kitchen counter. It is that which closes around us – the resumption of a life made smaller.

Yet, even in the remembering, we are blessed….. ❤

let me know
when life is come
and started new
the warmth that was
a kiss that knew
the way to ease
my longing

. . .

Christopher Michael Lundquist
12/17/1957 – 02/12/2018