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I dreamed
beyond the edges
into a thicker deep
where buttercup and lilac
weaved a spot of shade
of one more
ever after
one more winter past
rocking chairs
wherein my laughter sits
reminders of another day
another almost
nights when not a one
were stars
we made

. . .

Author’s Note:  Many years back, my sister gifted my daddy with a concrete bunny for Father’s Day.  It sat in the grass next to an aging bird bath, with one exception.  When it was time for mowing, my daddy would lift the bunny to sit atop the bird bath so that it wouldn’t be accidentally forgotten, damaging both the bunny and the blade.  For almost two years now, it has sat atop the birdbath.  Though time has passed, we know the hands that put it there and have no desire to displace it.

How often do we need reminders of love?

. . .