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One of my favorite people passed last fall, and yet it feels no different than when he was here.

I believe George was one of the most engaging people I’ve ever known, and he thought I, one of the wisest.

I must note that’s not a part of the reason for his being one of my favorite.

Our relationship was built on the simple notion that it was allowed to be. When we talked, there was no room for agenda, responsibility, or ego. We loved one another, but the words need never be spoken. We knew – in our souls, in our hearts, in our bones.

Funny how it happens that when you rid your relationships of competition, jealousy, expectation, rules – you make more room for the thing that matters most – LOVE.

I once commented to my daddy that it was amazing how love worked. You could love as much as you thought possible, but if you allowed it, each and every day you’d not be surprised to find that you loved even more.

Even the poet has no perception of just how much the heart can hold.

. . .

beyond the reach
of worry
beyond each new
the heart remembers
how the soul
can sing

. . .