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“Sometimes, in the midst of a crazy day or a crazier week, I get an email from my brother, ‘meet you below the falls in five minutes’.   And just like that, I am somewhere else, breathing in the cold spray from high above, as laughter echoes off canyon walls.   Even now, I close my eyes and hear the wonderful music that is bare feet on flat rocks.”


If we’re fortunate, we realize the blessing in the midst of its becoming rather than only in retrospect. In doing so, we free ourselves from bitterness, regret, and a future filled with frustration as we attempt to re-write the past.

In doing so, we erase the illusion that is time.

While the body may be tethered to the advance of hours, years, seasons, love is not.  As someone near and dear to me commented recently, ‘How time dissolves in the mind, when our frame of reference is simply love …’


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