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A week or so ago, a friend made comment about her search for purpose.

It reminded me of another forever friend who posed the same question a few years back. As her days increased, she wondered whether she had accomplished the purpose for which she was created. It was difficult for her to imagine because she wasn’t sure she knew what it was.

At the time, I remarked that maybe her purpose was intertwined with mine – that our divine purpose was to know each other and love one another.

Quite simple really. Quite noble as well.

When asked a similar question a week ago, my only thought was to everything we know of life and living. If there is but one sacred instruction, it is to love.

If we love, then everything else finds its place – and other commandments are wasted.

So, surely, love is our purpose. Love changes the weight of all our days such that even the smallest tasks become amazing accomplishments. The least of us becomes more than we might have imagined, might have planned, might have dreamed.

With love as our purpose, we become more than just the sum of our days.

where I have lingered
a whisper on the wind
a fragile light
along the window pane
where once
I fell to sleep
calling out your name
that I might
love you here

. . .