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Of times before
I let them pass
burning sun into the night.
Told myself another lie –
hurts would heal in morning light.

Seems I’ve turned myself
around –
found the message in the wind
found the blossom in the snow
Into these eyes
I look again…

beyond the scars I cannot change
but for their right –
the want to bleed
hurts that made me
(this I am)
and not for less would I concede.

Ashes scatter
raised to wing –
sunset warm upon my face.
Destiny is mine to choose
for love is never far
from grace.

Another dawn
from this of dreams
comes without the need to grieve.
Faceless name
no looking back
for what I am (is what I keep).

Today awakes another sun
born of love
I give away –
becomes the beauty in my scars
burning bright another day.