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embers of a faithful star
blow across the night
to fan the spark –
of another warm embrace
eyes reflect the knowing
of where we yet begin –
blessings here
I wished for

of loss
I bear no sorrow –
no hurtful memory
love remains a treasure
mine to keep
beyond the place
remembered –
a door is opened wide
night birds call –
to another dream
I sleep

within the hope
of evermore –
is every plan I made –
a life beyond this living
a name I wear against my heart –
stories wait to tell –
of want beyond this wishing
a star prepared
to fly

. . .

author’s note – now and then, I awake in sweat,
breath catching as I wonder why
in the darkness –
words find me –
loosed without prejudice or fear

sometimes they fit together, but others, they do not
last night one of those
and these, the telling

. . .