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along these shores
forever walks
a sailor not forgotten –
strands beneath a winter sail
make his passing true
stories of deliverance
tales of wealth and sorrow
dreams to sink beneath the waves
the rest to float away

but on another bank
there sometimes stands
a maiden gift with promise
words worn through
by circumstance
I swore I’d never cry

life is passing slowly
the waves of time are falling –
and he still sails
come home
remember this –
remember me
the keeping of your compass
grains of sand adrift upon the sea

come again
leave her arms –
returning to the river
the ocean cries –
o please return to me
cast aside your tired oars
and step out on forever
I’ll watch the tide –
and walk the shores for you

. . .

Author’s Note:  Originally written in 2009 but lost in a folder of drafts (and waves).