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The most amazing thing happened on Wednesday, April 6th, 2016.

Robert Brady George was reunited with his parents, Annie and DB; grandmother, Darthula; sisters, Louanna and Imogene; brothers, Eucle, JD and Hubert; a very special grandson (Nathan Allen Ray); and a host of angels, relatives and friends nurtured by 83 years of living.

It had been many years since most had been together and the lull was long enough. From all accounts, the reunion was beyond what mere words could describe. Tears of joy, hugs and kisses, storytelling, thunderous laughter and a flood of emotions were said to have filled the sacred halls. After several hours of celebrating a beautiful life, the group was seen moving at the speed of light into the heavens.

Survivors are beyond the limit of numbers, but include his sweetheart, his wife of 60 years, Bonnie; children – Bobbie Ward (Jay), Janey Ray (Rick) , Stephen George (Michelle), Renee McGowen (Terry); grandchildren – Daniel Ray (Jennifer), Stephen ‘Toot’ Ray (Rose), Andrea Ray (Brent), Robert George (Susan), Stephanie George, Hannah McGowen (Nate), Cameron McGowen; and great grandchildren – Lathan, Mia, Remie, and Brody.

The roots of this tree run deeper than names and blood; deeper than bone or the limit of words to page. Blessings have a way of multiplying; hearts, filling up until all we know is love.

God is good (all the time).

Author’s Note:  On Tuesday morning of this week, my mother suffered a heart attack and was air-lifted to a regional medical center in Nashville. She underwent a procedure for immediate repair of her heart. She worried about daddy, and though he wasn’t told, perhaps he felt it. Or maybe he felt the assurance that she was being cared for. At the end of a weary day on Wednesday, we were called to the facility where my father has been a patient for the last 8 months. When we arrived, we found him already gone, sleeping in his bed as if he had simply drifted off upon a dream. We stayed for hours, into the night, figuring a plan for how to tell mama, but relishing in stories, song, and laughter as daddy ‘slept’ within arm’s reach. We realized that had our mother not suffered her attack on Tuesday, the event of Wednesday would likely have triggered one greater than her heart could bear. Storms had swept through, keeping my brother at home (only a mile or so from the nursing facility) rather than visiting my mother. In the haste to get to the hospital, we left behind her phone (averting the call of Wednesday evening).  Time and again, we were presented with a truth greater than our grief – that every tear is precious, and that God never lets us go.

This morning, a note from my niece. My initial thought – it was a delay from yesterday.

Update on Papa this morning.
He is doing amazing! Up and tending
the garden already. Huge improvement since
yesterday!! He will visit you all today so
look for him. He is love, and he is everywhere!

. . .