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please listen
there’s no use denying
your heart
I’ve stopped every ounce of pretense
and succumb to the truth
was waiting me now
in the soft velvet folds
of what I was hearing
and what it was –
you never said
weren’t the same and I know that
I’m fine with embracing the blame
if it makes you feel better
when living gets lonesome
I’ve lost all the sleep
I care to afford
some mornings
forgotten to dawn

do what you must
take what you will
scatter the pieces elsewhere
but tell not a soul
what has come to your thinking
dare not to rest
lest you dream
and return to a place
you’ve forgotten to miss
breath taken shape as a sigh
graces and faces
for a while interlaced
and now only you
bear their shame

I’ve given up –
given in
traded my longing
for a sack filled with promise
and a box full of rain
a place I was keeping
of sweet satisfaction
e’en now I repeat them (insane)
the truth has a way
of coming back
as a memory
years come to mark the lies
laid between –

please listen
there’s only a moment more waiting
twilight lays claim
to these echoes of you
long since decided
the worth of surrender
thoughts have no say
of forever to spend
whatever you’ve taken
must be something unspoken
though it seems
all the verses are mine

how is it
I fell for a shimmering notion
thought was a star
burning holes through the night
where are you now
does your faith ever falter
or do words drift in silence
e’er they remember
my name