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I swear sometimes
the truth depends
on what I had for breakfast
and where the shadows knelt
to wait the light
it hurts my soul –
to think of how
forever came unnoticed
alone as I was dreaming –
of where I’d sleep tonight

a time of telling
took so long – destinies rewritten
words betrayed to consequence –
and evermore to blame
I don’t know when
I’ll come again –
(fulfilling every promise)
vows we made at sundown
as to reasons why we came

with all night long
to talk myself
out of understanding
you took the stars
o how I miss the moon

forgiveness seems so easy
tho I wander to the moments
remembered to a place
I keep (within)
love remains despite the age
(lifetimes passed together)
returned as grace
to find us (letting go again)

here I am
the same as love
memories of longing
words have lost their meaning –

the only truth is me